Transforming the Past: Healing Trauma Through Forgiveness, Omega Institute, June 2006

Track 1, Disc 1

Synopsis: Introduction to OMEGA Institute Workshop, Truth and Reconciliation Committee and forgiveness, humanity and our compassionate selves, the story of apology and forgiveness in relation to another.

Track 2, Disc 1

Synopsis: Pumla's work: what happens when something is broken, trauma in the core of brokenness, transformation of trauma, and audience participation.

Track 3, Disc 3

Synopsis: Judith (friend and colleague of Pumla's), consideration of what truth and reconciliation may look like in America, shadow material and unresolved pain, suffering and abuse, compassion for the 'Other'.

Track 3, Disc 4

Synopsis: What is lost with these traumatic experiences, reactions to trauma, states of helplessness and blame and emotions evoked through trauma.

Track 6, Disc 6

Synopsis: Compassion, empathy and forgiveness in the presence of a perpetrator, subtleties of blame, trauma and self, and bystanders and privilege.

Track 9, Disc 10

Synopsis: Eurocentric passion for punishment and making the 'Other' suffer, audience participation and questions, evil as irredeemable, atrocities and bystander participation, and the restorative justice model.


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